8 steps to reignite your motivation after holidays

You’re going away on holidays soon and worried about losing fitness, eating too much and slipping back into bad habits. Or worse still, that if you don’t stick to your current routine, you’ll lose your mojo altogether and will have no motivation to get back into it again when you return…….Sound familiar?

There’s no need to freak out!

Organising a few things before you leave, as well as implementing a structured plan when you return from holidays, will give you peace of mind whilst you’re away. You can kick back, relax and enjoy yourself knowing that you’re already one step ahead!

Organise your return BEFORE you leave!

  • Spring clean the house before you go:

It’s never good returning to a chaotic house and feeling overwhelmed with all the work that lies ahead of you. It’s a guaranteed path to post holiday blues and wishing you were back on a tropical beach. Make sure the house is set up for your return, so all you have to do is unpack when you walk in the door.

  •  Healthy snacks in the freezer:img_7013

Have a big baking day before you leave and stock the freezer with healthy snacks such as: Granola bars, Chococa balls, Sweet potato muffins, Apple bread… You’ll find all these recipes in the Sample SBF Recipes page.

  • Food staples available:

Ensure you have the food basics available, just in case you return home at an odd hour or a public holiday etc. Bread and wraps in the freezer, long life milk, frozen egg whites (always great for emergency omelettes or scrambled eggs), frozen vegetables and meat.

Organise as you’re returning home!

  • Online shopping delivery:

Organise for an online shopping order to be delivered as soon as possible when you return. This way you’ll save yourself a couple of hours that you can then use for food prep. You might even be able to do this as you’re travelling home, waiting at airports etc.

  • Train on the day you’re leaving:

I find the best way to lose your motivation is to sit around doing nothing all day and eat crap! If you’ve got a big day travelling (and I classify that as anything over an hour) ahead of you…DO SOMETHING BEFORE YOU TRAVEL. Have a look through these video workouts for some snappy training sessions that are perfect for when you don’t have access to a gym or a lot of space. The more you move, the better you’ll feel and the better you feel, the better food choices you’ll make too.

Organise when you get home!

  • Plan an enjoyable “first session back”:ctsp1714-20x30

The first workout after a break is often the hardest! You may have lost fitness, put on weight, reduced muscle size or just generally not be feeling good about yourself. This is not the time to be focusing on smashing any records or achieving any PBs. This is the time to be saying to yourself “let’s just do the best I can in this workout and it will get better from here”. First session back = do your favourite all time workout! (mine is a pyramid set of box jumps, push press, burpees, chin ups, sit ups: do 1 of every exercise then 2 then 3….. all the way up to 10 and then back down again). Make sure it’s a challenging workout to shock you back into reality, but also one that is achievable for your current fitness level.

  • Food planning and prep:

Set aside 1 hour of your day to sit down and plan your weekly meals. This will save a HUGE amount of time and energy later in the week when you’re usually stressing about what to cook for dinner or what to eat for snacks. It’ll also save you from wasting food, money and delay the onset of grey hair … or losing hair.

If you’re a creature of habit like me, plan your weekly meals so Monday night is always fish night, Tuesday egg night, Wednesday mince night etc. You can usually accommodate for fussy eaters and still make the one meal e.g. our spaghetti night consists of browning mince and then removing the kids’ meat before I add in any sauce (they have plain, dry, brown mince without anything touching it) Then I add sauce and grated zucchini and carrot for us. I give the kids grated carrot on the side (making sure it doesn’t touch the mince) and everyone has steamed broccoli (not touching carrot or mince). Then add in the pasta and cheese (the cheese is allowed to touch the pasta on 1 child’s plate but not the other 2).

Prepare as much as you can early in the week and when you’re feeling motivated to cook e.g. bake snacks and freeze, chop vegetables in the morning, put the slow cooker on before you leave for the day… anything you can do to make it easier for you during rush hour.

  • Join our team:screenshot-2016-11-28-13-11-06

If you’re looking for more and don’t want to go it alone… Join our 8 week SBF Challenge! We have everything planned for you: meals, snacks, workouts, core sessions… even a suggested timetable of when to do everything! I have a live FB chat with our members every Sunday to make sure you’re on track and get you ready for the week ahead and Geoff (our team psychologist) has a live FB chat every Wednesday to help keep you in the right frame of mind and discuss any issues.

Everything will be sent to you the day after Xmas and then we officially start on the 2nd January 2017. A great way to make 2017 the best year yet!

Merry Xmas everyone and stay safe

Sal xx

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Author: Sally Brouwer

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