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Continued on from “Let the recovery begin”

**Disclaimer: Always seek professional medical advice for your individual recovery and rehabilitation plan**


It’s exactly 4 weeks post op and today I’ve woken up for the first time in FOREVER without any back pain! I can’t believe it. Usually I wake up and wonder how bad it’s going to be, but today I woke up and wondered what the hell was going on!!

The surgeon had said that the endometriosis coupled with all the internal adhesions close to my sacroiliac joint (lower back) would be causing pain. He was positive that I’d feel a significant improvement after surgery.¬†Unfortunately this doesn’t solve the degenerative disc problem I have, but at least it’s better than no improvement at all.

So there I was a day after surgery, incisions all over my abdomen, spewing up my guts and wondering why I still had back pain. When he visited me that morning, I questioned him about this. He looked at me like a 5 year old and said:

“It is going to take a little while to recover”

I didn’t like hearing those words. I like things to be fixed now! or even better, yesterday! But there was not much I could do except focus 100% on my core rehabilitation and hope that the recovery would work it’s magic on my back….. AND TODAY IT SEEMS IT HAS.


Again no back pain and I’m feeling magnificent. I decided it’s time to get into some serious training again so off I went to my running group for some intervals.¬†It was hard and it hurt (in a good way) and I loved every minute of it. I always get super passionate when I’m coming back from sickness or injury because I know how great it feels to be fit and I just want to feel that way again.

I’m still doing my core rehab twice a day, every day. Now that I can actually feel the benefits from these exercises, it’s easy to keep going with them. It’s also inspired me to make some exciting changes for our first SBF Challenge in 2018…. stay tuned members for something great!


Wednesdays are traditionally saved for “Ben’s Workout Of the Week” or #BENWOW sessions. This consists of Ben coming up with a workout and then me changing it so it’s better.

We trial the BENWOW on Wednesday and then send it out to the members for the following week (as a bonus challenge for the week).

Today’s session was:

  • 400m row
  • 21 chin ups
  • 21 box jumps
  • 21 shoulder press
  • 21 KB deadlifts

Keep the 400m row with each round but reduce reps to 18, 15, 12, 9, 6

That hurt too!


I’ve now returned back to my normal training and teaching schedule. It’ll still take another week or two to get my fitness back to where it was but I can’t complain. I’m just happy to be running round and feeling great. Here’s some points that I believe have really helped in my recovery (obviously these won’t apply to everyone so always check with your own medical professional first).

  • I started my core rehab the day after surgery. It’s not intense exercise, it’s rehab and it’s very important.
  • I started walking the day I got out of hospital. Starting with 30 min walks in the first week and gradually increasing the time. Moving was VERY important for me, more so mentally than physically.
  • I was 100% rigid with my fuel. Vegetables for breakfast, lunch and dinner. 2 litres of water a day. No crap food passed my lips AT ALL.
  • I asked my surgeon questions and followed his advice and no one else. What someone else did for their rehab was not important to me. We’re all different, we all need to follow individual rehab plans.

With any rehab or return from injury plan, I think it’s important to focus on what you CAN do rather than what you CAN’T do. It may not be your favourite form of exercise but anything is better than nothing when it comes to fitness.

So that’s the last chapter in this crazy little episode for 2017. Hope it’s been of some value to you,


Author: Sally Brouwer

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