Let the recovery begin

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**Disclaimer: Always seek professional medical advice for your individual recovery and rehabilitation plan**


2 weeks post surgery and I decided it’s time to go back teaching yoga. There’s a few reasons for this:

  • I REALLY wanted to do some physical activity other than walking and riding a stationary bike.
  • I felt great, not 100% normal, but still great.
  • This is now my 3rd abdominal surgery (and 4th if you count the surgery I had 5 days before this one) and I’ve always recovered really quickly.
  • It’s my work and it’s my business. I hate having to rely on other people and I hate letting people down, which I feel I have done since being off with these surgeries.

Even though everyone has been more than supportive, I still feel slack. I know it was unexpected, I know health always comes first, I know it caused minimal disruption to everyone…. but I still feel slack.

So this morning’s workout consisted of day 1 of our SBF core rehab program and then a yoga class. I did beginner options for all the abdominal exercises and those exercises I thought didn’t feel quite right (eg. upward facing dog pose) and then advanced options for everything that did feel right.


Today was a big day:

  • Up at 3.45am to check in with our members, reply to emails, attend to paperwork etc.
  • 4.50am: Weekly phone meeting with our beautiful admin / welfare support team member Kel as I drive into the city.
  • 5.30am: Catch up with mates to go for a walk…. which turned into a run  8-O. It wasn’t fast, it didn’t feel uncomfortable (apart from me feeling very unfit) and I didn’t push myself.
  • 7am: Taught a circuit class at All Hallows’ school (I organise their before and after school program). I didn’t participate in the session, only demonstrated the exercises.
  • 8.30am – 10.30am: 10 min walk along Brisbane riverside to a local cafe / office building where I settle in with my laptop to get some work done (I stick out like dogs balls in my activewear and sneakers while all the beautiful people mill around in their tailored suits and expensive shoes). I love going to this place, mainly because it reminds me that I’m very lucky to be able to wear sneakers all day, but also because the owners name is Sally and we Sally’s stick together.
  • 11am: Taught a yoga class to All Hallows’ year 9 class. I love teaching to these girls because they’re a tough crowd and It’s great for my own teaching skills, but also I have a real passion to educate young women in the benefits of a healthy, active lifestyle.
  • 1pm: Stop off on the way home to pick up supplies for the kids Halloween street party tonight.
  • 2.30pm – 4.30pm: School pick up, homework, house cleaning, making fruit platter and sandwiches for party.
  • 4.30 – 7.30pm: Festivities
  • 8pm: Bed, exhausted


I’m feeling a bit sore today, maybe I did too much yesterday? I do usually wake up sore from training every single day, but when you’ve just had an operation it makes you wonder if that’s good sore or bad sore? I have my next specialist appointment tomorrow so today is going to be just a 30 min walk before I check in with him again.

I found out last night at the street party that the lady who’s just moved in 4 doors up, is an anaesthetist! I’m spewing she didn’t move in 2 weeks ago, I could have saved a small fortune!!!


Today I felt great again… must have been from the easy day yesterday. I decided to do a workout before teaching my class and here’s what it looked like:

45 mins stationary bike:

  • 10 mins: warm up.
  • 10 mins: 30 sec hard / 30 sec easy.
  • 10 mins: 1 min standing / 1 min seated.
  • 10 mins: 45 sec hard / 15 sec easy.
  • 5 mins: recovery

30 mins upper body workout using 5kg weights:

  • 4 sets of 20 x super slow shoulder press. (I did these seated). *5 x Pelvic floor holds between each set
  • 4 sets of 10 x super slow straight arm lateral raise. *5 x T/A holds between each set
  • 4 sets of 20 x super slow shoulder rolls. *5 x Pelvic floor holds between each set
  • 4 sets of 20 x super slow chicken wings. *5 x T/A holds between each set

Came home to a beautiful package and note from Bio-Oil (thanks Taylia), which was lovely because at the rate I’m going, I’ll be running out pretty soon.

This is probably a good time to mention that I NEVER promote any products or services unless I love them myself. Actually, I’ve only ever promoted products as a result of ME contacting the company first, not the other way around . As much as I’d love for everyone to be ringing me up and offering me money to promote their goods, it doesn’t happen (unless it’s a shonky supplements company and you get contacted multiple times every day!).

Moral of the story: Bio-Oil is great and I’d be saying that even if they didn’t send me anything.


2. 4 weeks post op: I had my specialist appointment yesterday and it was all good news. He showed me pictures from the operation and it really was a big mess! The right ovary was stuck to the side of the uterus as well as the bowel and there were also adhesions around my sacrum (which may be an explanation for a lot of my back pain). The “after” pictures looked a lot tidier, although I still wouldn’t have wanted to be eating my lunch whilst looking at them.

He was happy with the operation, the test results, the incision sites and my recovery so far. He’s also happy that I go back jogging (with the proviso that if it feels uncomfortable to stop) yoga, cycling, resistance work with 5kg weights and moderate core work. So from here on in it’s a case of slowly getting back into my usual routine.

Today’s exercise is teaching 2 x yoga classes and my core rehab work. I’ll also probably go for a 1/2 hr walk this afternoon while the kids ride their bikes.

So to sum up this week: IT’S ALL GOOD!

I know that whatever the situation, whatever the diagnosis, whatever life throws at me…. it’s a case of 10% what happens and 90% how I decide to deal with it. I’ve had MANY injuries, operations, illnesses, tragedies and life events that could have prevented me from training. The worst thing I could have done during these times was stop training! My belief is that my body is designed to move and if I physically can’t move in the way that I want to, then I’ll find another way.

Hope you enjoyed the read 🙂


Author: Sally Brouwer

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