SBF Challenge FAQs



I’m happy with my current training schedule but I’d like to take part in the nutrition component. Is this possible?

Yes! you can continue with your training program if you’d prefer. You may like to incorporate some of our training sessions into your current routine, or even just add in our daily 5 min core workouts. 

Do I need to be a member of a gym?

No! Each week, 3 training sessions require no equipment at all and minimal space is required. 3 training sessions each week are strength sessions and WILL require equipment (see list below) However, you will be given options using SBF BANDS and bodyweight only options as well. Purchase SBF BANDS here  

What equipment do I need?

it is NOT essential to have this equipment, we provide body weight alternatives, and SBF BAND alternatives for all exercises

  • Kettlebell (level 1: 4 – 6kg) (level 2: 8 – 12kg) (level 3: 16 – 24kg)
  • Dumbbells (level 1: 2kg – 4kg) (level 2: 6kg – 8kg) (level 3: 10 – 12kg)
  • Chin-up/dip bar (level 3 only)
  • Box or something stable to step / jump on, about knee height
  • Medicine ball preferably with handles to grip (level 1: 4kg – 6kg) (level 2: 8 – 10kg)

Am I fit enough?

Yes! We cater for absolute beginners who have never exercised before in their life. Some of our members prefer to start with our core rehabilitation program and walking each week, then once they’ve gained confidence move on to a level 1 fitness sessions.  All workouts have level 1, level 2 and sometimes, level 3 options. In our “Members Only” area on the website, you’ll find exercise demonstration videos detailing the different options for fitness levels. 

I don’t want to lose weight, I just want to tone or increase my lean muscle mass. Will this challenge help with that?

Yes! Our exercise sessions focus on increasing strength-to-body-weight ratio, with a combination of body-weight sessions and added weight sessions. Our aim is to create a leaner, stronger and more efficient YOU! Our nutrition component is also critical in achieving this goal.

I am currently injured. Can I still participate in the challenge?

Yes! The SBF Challenge is designed so you can do it ANYWHERE and at ANY TIME, regardless of your age, health status, fitness level, location, etc. If you are injured in any way, you can modify or replace exercises OR you may have to focus entirely on the nutrition and psychological components of the challenge.  Injuries and illnesses are a part of everyday living, and something we need to take into consideration when implementing our ultimate lifestyle plan. This challenge teaches you that there is always SOMETHING you can do to work towards your health and fitness goals. You will be sent ALL your fitness training sessions and fuel plans AT THE START of the challenge. This way, if you do become sick or injured and can’t participate, you’ll have all the tools to pick up again at a later date.


I’m gluten intolerant, lactose intolerant, or have other allergies. Does your nutrition package cater for these dietary requirements?

Yes! You have the option of following our exact meal plans (meat included, vegetarian, gluten free) OR following our food serves guide (where you choose the food you want to eat BUT it must be in accordance with our food serves guide).

What if I don’t like certain foods in my meal plan?

You will have access to our online catalogue which lists recipes from ALL our SBF recipe books. If you don’t like a particular meal or snack in your fuel plan, simply exchange it for one with similar calorie value! You also have the option of following our food serves guide and preparing your own recipes.


Do you have payment plans available?

Yes! You have the option of paying $18.50 a week for eight weeks on a direct debit agreement. We also have the 12 month VIP membership option of paying $10 a week for a minimum of 52 weeks on a direct debit agreement.*These payment options are only available to Australian residents.

I live outside Australia. Can I participate in the challenge?

Yes! You can participate in our challenge ANYWHERE in the world where there is internet access.

What makes this challenge different to any other online health program?

  1. You are important to us! 
  2. We want to hear you, we want to help you and we want you to feel special. 
  3. We speak the raw, honest, truth! We’re not here to sell you supplements that you don’t need, or provide a lifestyle that you can’t maintain . We want you to achieve positive change, otherwise we haven’t done our job.
  4. Our members feel they belong to our SBF family and are supported through their journey. The SBF team offer daily encouragement and motivation as well as other members sharing their personal highlights and disappointments.
  5. We focus on PRACTICALITY! Real life solutions for real people, living in the real world.
  6. Our exercise sessions are short and focus on training movement patterns rather than individual muscle groups (functional style training). Guaranteed to provide results FAST!
  7. We know the SBF Challenge is life changing and we’re willing to refund your money if you don’t feel the same way after 8 weeks.

I’m pregnant or recently had a baby. Am I able to participate in the challenge?

Yes! But we recommend you always seek guidance from your ob/gyn or other medical professional. Our 8 week core rehabilitation program is perfect for new mums!!! Read more about SBF core rehabilitation program  All training sessions can be modified to suit your personal requirements, however please check with your trusted health-care professional before undertaking any change to your current nutrition or exercise program.

Can shift workers do the challenge?

Yes! We even have a specific routine for shift workers that makes it easier for them to transition from night shift to day shift. You’ll be able to easily plan your meals and organise the training sessions according to your roster.


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