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Provide your body with nutritious food in the most practical and time efficient manner possible 

 Shred body fat   Feel energised Enjoy a healthy relationship with food

Our fuel plans are created for busy people. Our goal is to implement routine and simplicity so you are spending less time in the kitchen and more time doing what you love. They are created by our registered and professional dietician / sports physiologist, to ensure you will be consuming adequate vitamins, minerals, nutrients and antioxidants that you NEED for optimal health and maximum performance.

  • You DO NOT have to count calories! You DO have to eat real food!
  • Your fuel plan includes 3 main meals and 2 snacks everyday. THERE ARE NO SUPPLEMENTS!
  • ALL recipes (from the SBF recipe books) are available in the “members hub” area on the website. If you don’t like something on your fuel plan, simply substitute for another meal or snack.
  • You won’t need to visit the health food shop to purchase weird ingredients that claim to be “super foods”. Our recipes are simple, quick to make, family friendly and most can be frozen for future weeks.

We even give you a FOOD PREP guideline for each week!

Fuel plan options include:

  non vegetarian (meat included)
  gluten free

  • If you’d prefer, use your own recipes but follow our “SBF Food Serves Guide” (This accommodates people who have specific dietary requirements, allergies and intolerances).
  • Trust me, healthy eating doesn’t have to be rocket science. YOU WILL lose fat and YOU WILL feel amazing if you follow our SBF Fuel rules!


Spend the minimum amount of time training to achieve maximum results

Increase strength to weight ratio  Increase cardio fitness  Increase flexibility  Develop and increase core strength

Our workouts are designed with the busy person in mind! Our goal is to get you moving and performing to the best of your ability in the short amount of time available. You can train either at the gym, local park or the comfort of your own home as you don’t NEED any equipment (we provide alternative exercises if you don’t have any available).

**WE NOW HAVE SBF BANDS AVAILABLE** All resistance exercises have options using SBF BANDS! These come in 4 different strengths from light to x-heavy (or you can even use 2 bands together). Order yours today through the SBF STORE 

  • Workouts have  Level 1   Level 2  Level 3 options available. If you are an absolute beginner we recommend you start with walking and the core workouts each day.
  • The workouts are between 15 – 30 mins depending on what level you choose.
  • The “Optional intervals” are designed for running, however can be adapted any any other cardio equipment eg. stationary bike, rower, elliptical runner.

EQUIPMENT LIST *it is not essential to have this equipment

Kettlebell (level 1: 4 – 6kg) (level 2: 8 – 12kg) (level 3: 16 – 24kg)
Dumbbells (level 1: 2kg – 4kg) (level 2: 6kg – 8kg) (level 3: 10 – 12kg)
Chin-up/dip bar (level 3 only)
Box or something stable to step / jump on, about knee height
Medicine ball preferably with handles to grip (level 1: 4kg – 6kg) (level 2: 8 – 10kg)


To discover, embrace and utilise the power of your mind 

Improved confidence and self esteem  Fulfilling relationships Resilience  Self love

  • Throughout the Challenge, Geoff (our team psychologist) joins Sally for a live and interactive Facebook chat. He’s open to questions from our members, but will also discuss specific issues relating to our weekly theme and how you can successfully overcome potential obstacles.
  • We will assist you in building resilience and give you an understanding of the key components to becoming a person of good psychological stability.
  • You will improve your mental toughness. You are not born with this, it’s a skill that must be trained!  There is no magic potion or pill that will give you a quick fix, nor are there any shortcuts.

“Like your experience with exercise and diet, it takes dedication, effort and consistency”

  •  You will need to make a commitment to the change process. The success of improving your psychological fitness is to begin the mental commitment before you even start the challenge. That is, are you already thinking about the sacrifice you will make? Do you realise it will take you out of your comfort zone and are you prepared for that?

The most rewarding, entertaining and appealing part of our SBF Challenge is our online Facebook community. We have an amazing support group of people from all walks of life. We’re all at different stages of our “ultimate lifestyle” journey and we’re there to celebrate your achievements as well as support you through your hardships.

Welcome to our SBF community…


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