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Bust: lost 10cm.

Waist: lost 6cm.

Hips: lost 6cm.

Weight: lost 15kg!!!

Belly no longer touches the steering wheel.

No longer a size 26.

No longer on high blood pressure medication!

I love the support, live Sunday night Facebook chats and all the amazing members.


Here are my week 8 results:

The first four weeks went well, the next two were crappy, and the last two I’ve really got my head back in the game.

I know it’s for good this time because I’ve finally come out of my plateau and making/seeing changes again.

Thanks everyone so much for your motivation and support.





Time to be accountable…

8 weeks went way too fast! I LOVED seeing everyones posts. Thanks for sharing your journey with me, I still have a way to go but we’re all a work in progress, hey.

I’ve joined again as a VIP now as I love this very supportive group.






I have been with SBF for a while, however it wasn’t until this round that I finally knuckled down. My aim was to improve my fitness and eating so I didn’t do measurements or weigh myself.

I’ve worked really hard on my strength, running and eating, so what better way to see how you’re going than to compare pictures….

I couldn’t have done it without the inspiration and support of my SBF family. I’m a little bit proud of myself  😀






To say I am happy is an understatement, I have a waist!

Waist: 87.5cm to 79cm

I’m so glad I put in the effort, but with a few wines in there for good measure!

Developing my core strength over the 8 weeks has made a HUGE difference.





My goal was to be the best person I could be for me and my keep my mind sane with hubby away in Afghanistan. So joined a local gym and did classes and also a lot of my own exercises, weights, running and cycling.

Since I started on Aug 23, I have lost 7.5kg and since the start of SBF I have lost another 3kgs! Thanks Sally for the inspiration with your program, it just kicked me into overdrive and gave me more focus.

I just love this program and the wonderful support and encouragement everyone gives..even though I have not met any of you in person, it sure feels like we have known each other before.




Here are my results and I’m pretty stoked with the differences, especially my 2.4km walk results:

Week 1: 23.58 mins

Week 8: 19.52 mins

I even jogged a couple of times and I didn’t die like I thought I would. Thank you to each and every one of the SBF group for their ongoing support and friendliness.





I’m very excited with my results!

I’ve knocked 2.10 mins off my run and added 12 more push ups to what I could do at the start.

The before and after photos show a big change in my body.






Waist: -10cm

Bust: -5cm

Hips: -4cm

Arms: -2cm (each)

Thighs: -2cm (each)

Hips: -4cm




Waist: -9cm

Bust: -6cm

Hips: -5cm

Arms: -5cm (each)

Thighs: -3cm (each)

Neck: -1cm

Total: 34cm smaller!


MEMBER: STACEY (results over 2 SBF Challenges)

Overall I’m really happy with my results, especially the increase in my fitness. Considering how many times I was out due to mine or the kids sickness, I was happy with how much quicker I was able to get back into it. I’ve got some areas to improve on for the next Challenge, but all in all I’m happy.

Run: 16.20 min – 14.06 min

Push ups: Can now do them on my toes!

Squats: Up by 12

Sit ups: up by 6



Upper arm 2.5cm loss

Thigh 3cm loss

Waist 7cm loss

Hips 3cm loss

Total. 15.5cm loss



Week 1 – 112kg
Week 8 – 98kg

Total loss: 14kg

I know I have long way to go but very happy with my start. I feel unbelievable. I’ve really enjoyed the recipes and getting more active. I have more energy and I’m excited about life!

Thanks so much to this amazing group and it’s members and of course the SBF team.




I couldn’t be happier with my results after 8 weeks!

Can’t thank you enough for taking me on this lifestyle change and I can’t wait to do it all over again.

Weight lost : 5.4kg
Arm: -2cm
Thigh: -7cm
Waist: -5cm
Bust: -5cm





I am feeling so much more energetic, my clothes are fitting nicer & I am getting compliments on how I look so I have got to be happy with that!

Time to ramp it up though, get myself super organised & tackle the next SBF Challenge head on.







The incredible support that comes from the online group is amazing, it has been the best part of my experience. Thank you to everyone who allowed me to be a part of their journey, and for also allowing me to be honest with how I feel. Thank you to the SBF team for this program, it truly does change lives.

Overall results for Challenge 7
Upper arm: +2cm
Waist: -11cm
Thigh: -2cm
Bust: -4cm





“I’ve lost a total of 4.5kg over the 8 weeks, and this was all by changing how and what I ate.

It’s a long way improved to what it was 8 weeks ago, and I’m looking forward to round 7!”








“Highlights of the SBF Challenge for me:

Running the 2.4 km at week 4 and week 8 without stopping – I was so proud!

The unconditional support from fellow members Sally’s frequent comments / likes and feedback on posts

My total weight lost in 8 weeks: 15.4kg I’m ready for the next round and some new motivation.”






“These pictures show some changes in my body shape, but what they don’t show is how much my mindset has changed in the last 8 weeks!

When I started my journey I couldn’t even show my husband of 17 years my “before” photos because I was too embarrassed of my body. Whilst I still have my doubts about my body, I have a higher appreciation of it and what it does for me EVERY DAY.

I am a long way from happy with my body, but this last 8 weeks of support from everyone has helped me appreciate and that is the first step to loving.






“I did three SBF challenges this year. Challenge 4 I lost some weight, Challenge 5 I danced around and didn’t really commit as hard as I should of and Challenge 6 has been my best commitment yet. I feel like I am finally starting to get it all and put it consistently into action (slow learner, but when I finally get it, it sticks)”.




Lauren Testimonial for SBF Challenge


“The SBF  Challenge helped me get my health and fitness back on track. The exercise sessions were challenging but easy to do at home, which is great if, like me, you have a baby to look after.

I lost over 10kg in 8 weeks, but more importantly I regained confidence and feel healthier and happier”.








“I started this challenge at 109kg and weighed in on the last day at 95kg.

I feel like a different person and it was all due to simple changes and getting into a good routine.

The HIIT sessions were great!! I liked that they were short and I could adapt the exercises to my own fitness level.

Thanks SBF team and I’ll see you for the next one”.




Kareena Testimonial for SBF Challenge


“I have lost a total of 9.7kg. However it feels like so much more. I’ve still got a long way to go but the SBF challenge proved to me that I could do it!

I didn’t take my measurements as I wasn’t sure I would stick with it, same with my before photo – I took it thinking- here I go again, watch me fail,  but the program was so easy and I loved it so I stuck with it and feel great!”.





Kay - Testimonial for SBF Challenge


“My six pack is back!! I found the last few weeks a bit of a challenge for me because I knew I was going on holidays and that meant eating out for every meal.

I took what I learnt from the SBF challenge, such as continuing to do my HIIT sessions as well as incidental exercise and healthy food choices and I came back 2.5kg lighter. Unbelievable!! Thanks Sally!”





SBF Testimonial - TomMEMBER: TOM

“This is my second round and in the past six months I have suffered, strained, trained, sweated and most importantly learnt more about training and fitness than I have in years of sport.

I had always trained, gone to the gym, lifted weights, a bit of cardio and mixed it up every now and then, however, the SBF challenge changed my mindset towards smarter training. I certainly felt it in the first HIIT and the subsequent self doubt of “this is a bit hard, I’m going to do how many more for how long, it’s too hard…”

Well that was the first turning point. I wanted to make a change and the easy option was to go back to my normal routine but I didn’t. No idea how, but I was hanging in and by week three, I could feel the change. My body was adjusting, I was feeling stronger and completing the HIIT’s. I was researching food, calories and recipes. I was learning.

I live remote and the store has most things albeit a little more expensive than the average Coles or Woolworths but I learnt to substitute. I finished the first challenge with a ten kilo loss, which was amazing. I knew straight away I wanted to do the next challenge.

When I’m asked by people what diet I’m on, they cannot believe what I’ve done. I haven’t starved myself, I still eat rice and bread and enjoy a beer and a punt. Each to their own, but friends have been on shakes and other fad routines which cost heaps. My only cost now is on new clothes.

This challenge I have lost 7.6kg. My grand total is now 22kg. Thanks to Sally and her team and the fellow challenge group for the new me”.



“This challenge has been unreal! Trying new recipes, completing all the lifestyle tasks, giving and receiving support from so many fellow members, has helped me.

I am feeling stronger, fitter and more energised, I am feeling more accomplished in what I can get done in a day, more organised which means that I can have more time with my 2 3/4 year old daughter.

Using the planning and prep, I don’t feel like food is being wasted in this household, I buy what I need, cook it up and store it/eat it. When I am not wasting food, I am definitely not wasting money which is a massive bonus for me.

Thank you everyone for all your support and encouragement”.





“Very excited to send you my before and after photos for my first challenge Thank you,  thank you, Thank you!

12 cm gone from my waist… YAY! I have my MOJO back and happy to continue my journey into the next challenge.

I’m so happy I stumbled upon that post on Instagram about the challenge…changed my life”.







“Finally I’ve cracked losing 10kg (10.4kg) total since the start of my first SBF Challenge which was round 3. It’s the lightest I’ve been in years!

This challenge I’ve lost 2.7kg with 3cm from my waist and 2cm from my hips. I took 20sec off my run and increased my pushups and sit-ups. I’m so excited, thanks so much to the SBF team!”





Nicky - Testimonial for SBF Challenge


“I lost 5.5kg and 36cm off my body, 13cms  of which disappeared from my stomach – thank goodness!

I still have a few kilo’s to lose, but am feeling so good in myself, and so much fitter and stronger.

Thank you from the bottom of my heart for giving me back my mojo, my energy, my body and my life!

See you next challenge, I can’t wait!”




Peta - - Testimonial for the SBF Fitness Challenge


“At the start of the SBF Challenge I felt fat, frumpy, bloated and down.

Starting the program was fantastic, it was a big wake up call for me regarding diet and exercise.

Armed with all of the information from Sally’s great team was all I needed to get motivated. I can now fit comfortably back into a size 8!

I highly recommend the SBF Challenge to anyone wanting to change their lifestyle for the better”.



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